Mission and Ethics


We will promote Computing and Technology as an art form 

In today’s corporate dominated internet Most technology  oriented content is focused  toward career advancements and getting ahead in the rat race. Joy of Linux will be a space set apart For art, exploration and curiosity. Where Discovery through play shall be Prized Above All Things. 

 Social Contract

  1.  The Joy of Linux will use and promote free software and free culture

Although economics may force us to use non free services such as Twitch and YouTube. we will seek only to promote Software and services which are free, community-driven and respect users privacy.  We will broadcast, edit, and produce our content using free software when possible. 

  1. We will give back to the community

We will publish all content, code and other artifacts under a free culture approved license. So that others May learn from and build on our Work. the only thing we shall ask in return is that  viewers give Fair attribution and Source identification to us 

  1. We will not hide problems

Except for those matters,such as harassment complaints and the like which should by their nature remain private We will maintain a  public email inbox, so that comments, critique and criticism may be seen by all. In this way we hope That the community will help us to improve.  

  1. We will be an open and welcome space for people of all ability levels

Regardless of your experience with Linux or technology in general you are welcome here. all we ask is that you bring your curiosity, your imagination and an open mind  

  1. Open social spaces

  The community’s social spaces will be hosted on Services which use free software and open protocols. an exception shall apply for the services which we are forced to use by economic necessity. In Cases where it is deemed and economically accessory to use a non-free service We shall use our best efforts to provide and alternative which can be accessed  in a free and open way.