Show Notes for Tuesday Coding 2/22/22

Hey it’s a very first show. For connectivity reasons this episode was split into two parts

Part 1

In this episode I gave a code tour of an IRC bot I’m working on. And we added a database backend, and a user command to it !mean will say mean things on command.


Add a !nice command, that quotes nice people. Use a free content source please. Bonus points if you can add comments that explain the ssl code in more depth.


The code for this episode can be cloned from the NotABug repo

Projects Used/Mentioned

LibreWolf: A Privacy respecting, and ad blocking fork of Firefox. Browser used on camera.

Sqlite: Serverless database

9front: Used their mean quotes Library, because of course the have that.

Peewee ORM : The Best ORM for python. Sadly overkill for this project.

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